Collaborative Unbiased Recruiting
Collaborative, Unbiased Candidate Selection

Everyone brings a unique perspective to evaluating a potential team member. The power of group wisdom comes to mind — shared knowledge of the collective.

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Workplace Diversity Resources
Workplace Diversity & Eliminating Bias

This month and always, it’s important to celebrate and amplify diverse voices. This is especially true in the workplace. When inclusive practices and policies are.

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How to Hire Excellent Seasonal Employees

Uncertainty abounds as consumer purchasing habits shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Some businesses have opted to freeze their hiring or reduce.

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Bring Hiring Happiness to Reference Checks

References can help you decide between top candidates. They can give you a closer look at an individual’s work ethic, talents, skills, and personality. They.

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HiringThing Releases New Applicant Viewer

Our applicant viewer has undergone a complete overhaul, making applicant screening even happier. With a sleek look-and-feel, the new applicant viewer also has new features,.

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Turn Recruiting Scheduling Nightmares into a Dream

We’ve added a heaping helping of Hiring Happiness™ to the interview scheduling process. Our goal is to eliminate the scheduling mishaps, double-bookings and back-and-forth when.

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Automated UI Testing With Jenkins and Selenium

  One of the key tools we use to keep HiringThing (mostly) bug-free and working well is automated testing. Rails, our application framework, provides good.

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